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As 12 principais agências de marketing orgânico para expandir sua marca em 2023

    Com o aumento da concorrência online e os anúncios pagos cada vez mais caros, as marcas estão se concentrando no valor que o marketing orgânico lhes traz. O marketing orgânico envolve o uso de postagens de blog, postagens de mídia social, podcasts, vídeos e SEO para gerar reconhecimento para sua marca e trazer clientes à sua porta. 

    O marketing orgânico envolve o fornecimento de informações valiosas consistentes ao seu público e resulta na construção de confiança e fidelidade à marca. É mais econômico do que exibir anúncios com ganhos de longo prazo e ROIs mais altos. Como o marketing orgânico é um jogo longo, você provavelmente precisará de agências experientes para ajudá-lo a começar na direção certa e continuar aumentando seus esforços orgânicos. 

    Selecionamos uma lista das melhores agências de marketing orgânico que você deve conferir em 2023. 

    As 12 principais agências de marketing orgânico para expandir sua marca em 2023:

    Principais agências de marketing orgânico em 2023


    You can’t ignore social media when running an organic campaign. While most brands these days use it to run paid social ads, building a community through organic posts is still a must. If your brand is consistently active in the platforms your audiences frequently use, then you also need to create content on these platforms regularly. 

    Sociallyin is a social media agency that creates not just posts but also a comprehensive social media strategy for your brand. They start by determining your audience and then proposing a series of campaigns that are meant to build and grow your organic social media presence. 

    They are also a creative agency that constantly keeps up with trends to create relevant content for their clients’ audiences. One of their featured clients is a leading sushi maker brand that wanted to create a hip persona on social media to attract new customers. 

    The team created an engaging campaign that was relevant to pop culture and remained witty while staying true to the client’s brand image. The result was over 3 million impressions with 12,000 engagements and a 61% fan base increase.

    Thrive Agência de Marketing na Internet

    SEO is critical for your brand to appear in search results and be found online. It’s the most effective way to drive organic leads to your website, although it involves a long-term consistent strategy. With the constant updates in SEO ranking factors, you’d need a seasoned SEO digital marketing agency to keep your content updated and compliant. 

    Thrive Agency specializes in SEO marketing. This full-service digital marketing agency is composed of experts in all SEO aspects, such as keyword research, link building, technical SEO, local SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. Thrive Agency can also help optimize your website conversions to make sure that leads generated become actual sales. 

    As an agency, they have produced over 4 million leads for their clients and ranked more than 16,000 keywords. 


    Ninja Promo is a full-service digital marketing agency that caters to startups and established brands in the fintech, B2B, crypto, SaaS, gaming, and eCommerce industries. While they also offer paid social and paid media services, they are also experts in various organic digital marketing services. 

    These services include influencer marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, community management, SEO, and website development. They can also create mobile apps and blockchain apps for brands who want to take their digital strategy to the next level. 

    With several offices worldwide, the agency is able to cater to its clients in a cutting-edge and exceptional manner. One of their featured clients involved a decentralized art gallery that utilized blockchain technology to bring art closer to its patrons. 

    Using disruptive organic marketing strategies, Ninja Promo was able to raise $15.7 million for the brand during their ICO and increase content engagement by 655%. 


    If you have an app, you know how hard it is to stand out among the crowded sea of apps in any app store. Running ads seems the most logical strategy, especially for startups. But aside from ads, you can also utilize organic marketing strategies to increase awareness and installs for your app. 

    Moburst uses proprietary methods and technology to help its clients reach maximum app discovery and optimize app store presence to increase downloads, boost search rankings, and ensure sustainable growth. 

    They also offer comprehensive digital marketing services that utilize SEO techniques to drive site traffic and increase conversions. This global company works with each client using a localized approach that’s tailor-fit to their clients’ local audiences. 

    One of their notable clients is Uber, who approached the team to help gain app visibility on an international scale. Moburst created culturally relevant campaigns that helped Uber capture competitive keywords and resulted in a 27% increase in organic downloads within 90 days. 


    For B2B brands, building relationships with target audiences is imperative to increase their industry reputation and drive leads. LinkedIn is the number one social media platform where industry leaders and C-executives hang out. It’s the ideal place to build a brand and run organic marketing campaigns targeted at purchase decision-makers. 

    Cleverly is a social media agency dedicated solely to LinkedIn. They offer both paid and organic lead generation strategies using the platform and have helped over 5,000 clients become successful in their LinkedIn marketing strategies. 

    One of their featured clients is a startup lease insurance program that helps property managers secure their properties without asking for huge security deposits from renters. Cleverly connected the brand to thousands of decision-makers and built its reputation using their LinkedIn Content Service and Organic lead generation strategies. 

    Vireo Video

    Video marketing is another great way to build your reputation with your target audience. Using videos, you can communicate more of your unique value proposition ad provide customers with relevant, educational, and entertaining content.

    YouTube remains the primary video channel that serious brands should be in, and having a social media agency with expertise in YouTube video marketing is a big help. Vireo Video is that organic marketing agency. They are experts in YouTube Strategy, YouTube Optimization, and YouTube Advertising. 

    With their help, brands have increased their visibility, engagement, and leads using YouTube video marketing. One of their notable clients is a cybersecurity firm that wanted its YouTube to be more than just a library of resource videos. Vireo Video helped the brand optimize its channel and utilize influencers, which led to a 611% growth in subscriber count and a 755% increase in watch time. They also helped a best-selling author increase his YouTube viewership by 264%. 

    Ignite Social Media

    Ignite is the first social-only marketing agency in the US that focused exclusively on social media as a marketing channel. This laser-sharped focus, combined with over 12 years of experience, has made the agency the go-to resource for everything social media. 

    Established at the same time that social media rose to prominence, the team has harnessed the skills necessary for brands to stand out and create viral campaigns. Their services include social strategy development, content creation, community management, and influencer marketing. They also run social media ads and provide clients with robust reports and analytical data. 

    They work with many small businesses, like a dental clinic whose social media presence needed a revamp. Using strategic organic posts, Ignite achieved 43 million impressions and 15,000 leads with a $3.7 million estimated value for the dental clinic. 


    Organic marketing is a must for B2B companies as the B2B buying journey is completed across several sales cycles and is one rooted in trust. B2B consumers’ purchase behavior differs from B2C, making it essential to choose an organic marketing agency that knows the B2B market well. 

    Sculpt, a B2B social media marketing agency, is experienced in all aspects of social media marketing, including chatbots, organic campaigns, and paid social ads that are proven to grow awareness and generate leads. 

    Some of their featured clients include an antitrust law firm that needed to increase its digital marketing presence without relying on paid ads and an agriculture real estate conference that needed to grow ticket sales from a combination of paid and organic efforts.  

    In both cases, they created an organic marketing strategy and combined it with an optimized paid social media campaign to generate interest, leads, and conversions. The law firm saw an 89% increase in calls, while the agriculture conference saw a 43% increase in total ticket sales. 

    Viral Nation

    One of the best ways to grow organically is by creating viral content. With one or two viral pieces, your brand awareness skyrockets, and succeeding campaigns will have an easier time gaining the eyeballs needed. 

    Viral Nation is known for creating highly successful organic campaigns and is trusted by big brands like Meta Quest, Microsoft, Canon, Disney, Logitech, and many others.

    They mostly utilize influencer marketing to generate viral awareness for their clients. For example, when Meta Quest (former Facebook Oculus) approached the agency to help launch Resident Evil 4 VR, the agency created an immersive campaign that spanned multiple social media platforms and used numerous influencers to simultaneously post organic content pertaining to the launch. 

    The campaign also went offline, with cosplayers recreating famous game characters and participating in produced real-life challenges. The campaign was so successful that the agency won the Best Social Campaign award from the 2022 AVA Digital Awards. 

    The campaign had over 15 million views and over 1 million engagements. 

    Viral Nation is a global digital and social agency group driving growth and connection through performance and innovation.

    Iron Roots

    Iron Roots uses data to launch creative campaigns that help brands achieve incredible results from organic and paid marketing initiatives. Their growth strategy involves uncovering and understanding consumer behaviors, buying patterns, needs, and motivations and using these data to create timely and relevant campaigns. 

    The end result is off-the-chart results that achieve your brand goals every time. Take the case of Netflix’s launch of “The Defenders” series. The agency collaborated with Complex Media for a campaign activation that reached over 5 million impressions and generated 6 million average viewers within the first week of the show. 


    Tapping influencers is one of the most effective ways to run an organic campaign. By working with the right influencers, you can reach your target audience in the most authentic way possible. Consumers are more likely to trust the recommendation of a respected influencer than a direct ad from a brand. 

    Audiencly promises to be more than just an influencer marketing agency. They work with brands of all sizes and connect them with the right influencers and content creators for efficient and sustainable marketing initiatives. 

    Brands can choose from a wide array of successful influencers with a solid presence on different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.  The agency also manages the social media presence of brands using in-depth social media analysis. 

    The agency works mostly with gaming, lifestyle, and tech brands. One of their featured clients is a video editing software whose influencer marketing campaign involved 38 creators, generating 7.4 million views and 140,000 comments. 

    Online Optimism

    Data is essential for both organic and paid marketing campaigns. When choosing an agency, you can’t go wrong with one that relies extensively on data. Online Optimism uses a data-driven approach to help brands produce long-lasting results that generate the best returns for their marketing dollars. 

    The agency offers various digital marketing services such as SEO management, social media management, content marketing, branding, and web design. When combined, these services produce evergreen content that builds a brand’s value over time. 

    They’ve worked with various clients across multiple industries. One of their featured works is for a B2B technology solutions provider who needed to expand its online presence and authority.  The team created multiple high-authority content like blog posts and a website redesign to boost the client’s SEO rankings. 

    The result was an 84% increase in website traffic within 6 months and 17 posts claiming the #1 spot and Featured Snippets portion in Google Search. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a mobile marketing agency?

    Mobile is now the leading method by which customers consume content on the internet. It generates 60% of the world’s internet traffic. Even for B2B brands, 50% of initial inquiries are made over mobile. 

    With mobile’s rise to prominence, marketers must ensure that their campaigns are designed primarily for mobile devices. They must use mobile-adaptive strategies that can reach consumers on their preferred devices and entice them to perform the action the brand needs. 

    A mobile marketing agency specializes in running mobile campaigns across multiple channels like social media, apps, email, websites, and more.

    What can I expect from a social media marketing agency?

    When working with a social media marketing agency, go for one that starts every engagement with a social audit and a strategy session. As a brand, you must be clear on who your target audience is and what goals you want to achieve with your campaign. The agency will create a strategy that helps achieve these goals. 

    You can also set the parameters like the budget and the platforms to be used. A good social media marketing agency will act like a partner and provide guidance on the best platforms to use and the best strategies to pursue. 

    Existem várias maneiras de alcançar o público nas mídias sociais – desde a criação de postagens virais até a exibição de anúncios sociais pagos – e cada uma tem suas próprias vantagens e desvantagens. Uma agência deve guiá-lo por essas iniciativas e ajudá-lo a formar um entendimento completo antes de chegar a uma decisão.

    Por que o marketing orgânico é melhor?

    O marketing orgânico, quando bem feito, resulta em tráfego permanente para o seu site. O objetivo do marketing orgânico é direcionar os clientes para seus ativos digitais de propriedade, como seu site ou aplicativo móvel. Com o tempo, uma campanha de marketing orgânico bem-sucedida produzirá uma fonte sustentável de leads e você não precisará depender de milhares de gastos com anúncios. 

    O marketing orgânico também aumenta a confiança dos bots e dos consumidores dos mecanismos de pesquisa, fazendo com que seu site seja exibido para o público certo.